Announcement about cancellation

【Cancel reservation】

You can cancel your reservation following the Cancellation guideline in the same Reservation Confirmation email you receive after making the reservation.


【Change reservation】

Unfortunately you cannot change your reservation, but you can cancel it and make a new one. However, please be careful because cancellation may incur a fee. For fee information, please check our cancellation policy on our website and here. 


【Cancellation policy】

Cancellation fee will be applied as following:
No cancellation fee - 8 days in advance
30% of room rate shall be charged - 3 to 7 days in advance
50% of room rate shall be charged - 2 days in advance
80% of room rate shall be charged - one day in advance
100% of room rate shall be charged - on the day of stay or if you do not inform us
*Group booking (more than 10 people) have a different policy from the above. Please inform us about group booking by email for more information.


・ Regarding refunds when using a credit card, please be assured that if you have completed the cancellation procedure, you will be refunded later via the card company.
Refund dates differ depending on the credit card company, so if you have any questions, please contact the credit card company directly.

・ Customers who need to cancel due to natural disasters or disturbance of public transportation, please contact the hotel directly.
* Please note that it may be difficult to get in touch with us due to frequent contact when a typhoon is landing. Please note.
* If you make a reservation from a website other than the official one, please cancel the application from the place where you applied.

・ We do not accept waiting for cancellation.

If you have any problems, please contact the store where you made a reservation.




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